The Unexpected Contender To Watch In UEFA EURO 2024

In this article, I’m going to tell you about the unexpected contender to watch in UEFA EURO 2024. There are different factors that you need to consider while looking for a contender. I’m sharing with you what the maximum possible factor will be to assess the team’s ability to be an unexpected contender. You have to assess their Euro qualification campaign and their opponents in group stages to make a decision on whether the team is favored to be an unexpected contender or not. On the other hand, it may not be predictable because it depends on the team or the day, and no one knows what happens next.

UEFA Euro 2024 is looking to be considered one of the best tournaments to happen in the coming summer. According to the experts, England and France are the favorite teams to win the tournament. But as usual, there are some dark horses in every soccer competition, and fans are curious to know those teams. Because there’s always a case in which an unexpected team shatters the tournament in terms of fighting and winning the matches, like Morocco in the FIFA World Cup 2022. We don’t necessarily think they are going to win, but they perform well and stun good teams. You just need to keep an eye on them throughout the tournament.

What do you think of the teams that will be considered the dark horses in Euro 2024? Everyone has their own way of thinking about the underdogs in this competition. Now I’m going to tell you about what we think of the teams that will be considered underdogs. I think the teams with lesser-known players or small nations will surprise everyone with their performances in Euro 2024. 

Unveiling The Dark Horses:


We consider Croatia an underdog team that will surprise everyone in this upcoming competition, like they surprised everyone in the World Cup 2018 (runners-up) and the World Cup 2022 (third place). They have the ability to stun any team when they are in the mood because they have great and quality players like Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic, and Mateo Kovacic.

People think that they are in the group of death right now, but they have the ability to overcome any team and qualify from the group stages. The other three teams in the group are Spain, Italy, and Albania. They have tough opponents compared to other groups, but they have all the ingredients to hurt other teams and go deep in the competition.


Austria is among the contenders to be called underdogs in Euro 2024. They’re looking very dangerous if you look at their recent form in qualifiers. They have the tactical quality, talented players, and an experienced coach to stun any team and go deep in the competition.

Right now, they are in group D with Poland, the Netherlands, and France. The group is looking very dangerous, but they have been in great form since the Nations League in 2022. They will give tough time to opponents and bring good results from the group stages. I think Austria can be the team that emerges as an underdog in the tournament. 


Portugal is coming into this tournament with 100 percent results in the qualifiers. They are the team that can do nothing wrong on a given day and win from nowhere. They have the ability to stun any team with their star player Cristiano Ronaldo and new young talents Rafael Leao, Antonio Silva, and Joao Felix.

This is the tournament in which Portugal performed really well, and it looks like they love to play in this tournament, backed by their tournament history. Portugal are a team that looks like an unexpected contender for the Euro 2024. Despite their unexpected exit from the FIFA World Cup 2022, they have full potential to make a difference in Euro 2024.

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