How to watch Euro 2024 on TV this summer

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to watch Euro 2024 on TV this summer. You’ll need to check local broadcasters or sports networks to see if they have broadcasting rights for the tournament in your region. Typically, major sports networks like ESPN, BBC, ITV, or Fox Sports secure the rights to broadcast such events. You can also consider subscribing to streaming services that offer live sports coverage.

UEFA Euro 2024 is one of the most exciting events that will happen in Germany this summer. The event will begin on June 14, 2024, in the city of Munich (Germany). People would like to enjoy the tournament in a stadium, but some of them cannot afford to watch it live. That’s why people are looking to find a stream or TV to watch Euro 2024, and football fans around the world gather to watch their favorite national teams. Before the tournament starts, you should know a reliable live stream to watch Euro 2024.

As the tournament gets closer, fans are looking to find the best streams where they can watch their favorite games without any hassle. To watch their favorite games, they need a reliable streaming network to watch UEFA Euro 2024. You can also watch the match updates on the UEFA Euro 2024 app.     

The end of the tournament will be on July 14, 2024, with the final match taking place in Berlin at the Olympiastadion. On the other hand, Germany’s weather in June is ideal for the tournament to happen. Germany’s weather in June is perfect for the tournament due to lots of bright, sunny conditions and warm to hot temperatures.  

Here’s how you can easily watch the UEFA Euro 2024, no matter where you are in the world. but it mainly depends on your region and where you will be at that time. Because some broadcasters are going to cover specific regions, you have to find the broadcaster according to your region. I can assist you with this in finding the broadcaster to watch the games, but only if you’re from the UK or USA.   

And if you’re from the UK or USA, then I have a list to provide you with valuable information regarding streaming services or networks to watch UEFA Euro 2024 on TV this summer. In the UK, ITV, STV, and the BBC will broadcast the UEFA Euro 2024 matches at their respective times. Both broadcasters will show different matches; however, they will both show the championship match. On the other hand, Fox Sports will air the full event in the USA.

In this upcoming football event, group stage games are looking really tough and enjoyable. There are some very big games in the group stages to watch in UEFA Euro 2024. The games, dates, and match sites for Euro 2024 are shown below, along with details regarding TV rights in the USA and the UK.

DateGroupFixtureVenueUK ChannelUS Channel
14\06\24AGermany vs ScotlandMunichITVFox Sports
15\06\24AHungary vs SwitzerlandCologneITVFox Sports
15\06\24BSpain vs CroatiaBerlinITVFox Sports
15\06\24BItaly vs AlbaniaDortmundBBCFox Sports
16\06\24DPoland vs NetherlandsHamburgBBCFox Sports
16\06\24CSlovenia vs DenmarkStuttgartITVFox Sports
16\06\24CSerbia vs EnglandGelsenkirchenBBCFox Sports
17\06\24ERomania vs UkraineMunichBBCFox Sports
17\06\24EBelgium vs SlovakiaFrankfurtITVFox Sports
17\06\24DAustria vs FranceDusseldorfITVFox Sports
18\06\24FTurkey vs Georgia DortmundBBCFox Sports
18\06\24FPortugal vs Czech RepublicLeipzigBBCFox Sports
19\06\24BCroatia vs AlbaniaHamburgITVFox Sports
19\06\24AGermany vs HungaryStuttgartBBCFox Sports
19\06\24AScotland vs SwitzerlandCologneBBCFox Sports
20\06\24CSlovenia vs SerbiaMunichITVFox Sports
20\06\24CDenmark vs England FrankfurtBBCFox Sports
20\06\24BSpain vs ItalyGelsenkirchenITVFox Sports
21\06\24ESlovakia vs UkraineDusseldorfBBCFox Sports
21\06\24DPoland vs AustriaBerlinITVFox Sports
21\06\24DNetherlands vs FranceLeipzigBBCFox Sports
22\06\24FGeorgia vs Czech RepublicHamburgBBCFox Sports
22\06\24FTurkey vs PortugalDortmundITVFox Sports
22\06\24EBelgium vs RomaniaCologneITVFox Sports
23\06\24ASwitzerland vs GermanyFrankfurtBBCFox Sports
23\06\24AScotland vs HungaryStuttgartBBCFox Sports
24\06\24BCroatia vs ItalyLeipzigBBCFox Sports
24\06\24BAlbania vs SpainDusseldorfBBCFox Sports
25\06\24DNetherlands vs AustriaBerlinBBCFox Sports
25\06\24DFrance vs PolandDortmundBBCFox Sports
25\06\24CEngland vs SloveniaCologneITVFox Sports
25\06\24CDenmark vs SerbiaMunichITVFox Sports
26\06\24ESlovakia vs RomaniaFrankfurtBBCFox Sports
26\06\24EUkraine vs BelgiumStuttgartBBCFox Sports
26\06\24FCzech Republic vs TurkeyHamburgITVFox Sports
26\06\24FGeorgia vs PortugalGelsenkirchenITVFox Sports

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