How to watch Euro 2024 online for free

The European Championship in Germany is the hottest soccer event, which will happen in June 2024. The tournament starts on June 14 and will last for 30 days, and the hosts are well prepared to organize the event smoothly.

On the other hand, people are looking to make possible arrangements to watch the matches. Some fans who can’t make it to the stadium are searching for the best streaming options to watch the Euro 2024 games without any difficulty. They are looking for the best and most reliable online streaming services.

While searching for streaming services, individuals often encounter numerous options, many of which require payment. Finding a free option is a big task, and takes time to search for the right one. Before accessing an online streaming service to watch Euro matches, it’s essential to determine whether it’s free or requires payment.

For an enhanced viewing experience, having access to two online streaming services at the same time is beneficial. Having multiple options means that if one is not working, you can easily switch to the other. This way, you stay productive without any interruptions.

If you’re away from home during the tournament because of official duties or family matters. Don’t worry if you’re away during Euro 2024. Just use a VPN based on the country you’re in to watch the games easily.

In this article, I’ll share the best online streaming services where you can watch Euro 2024 online for free. Euro 2024 promises to be a highly anticipated event, and several European broadcasters will offer free streaming services, ensuring fans can follow the excitement live and online. Here’s a detailed overview of what each major broadcaster will provide:

BBC iPlayer (UK)

The BBC is known for its comprehensive sports coverage, and Euro 2024 will be no exception. BBC iPlayer will stream a wide range of matches live, including key games, semi-finals, and the final. Additionally, viewers will have access to extensive match highlights, expert analysis, and behind-the-scenes features. BBC iPlayer is accessible for free to UK residents, making it a go-to source for English-speaking fans.

ITV Hub (UK)

Complementing the BBC’s coverage, ITV Hub will also broadcast Euro 2024 matches live. ITV has a long history of covering major football tournaments, and their Euro 2024 coverage will include live match streaming, pre-match build-up shows, post-match analysis, and interviews with players and coaches. ITV Hub is available for free to UK viewers, providing another robust option for following the tournament.

RTE Player (Ireland)

RTE Player will bring all the action of Euro 2024 to Irish viewers. As Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTE will offer live streaming of matches, highlights, and in-depth analysis programs. The RTE Player app and website provide a user-friendly platform for streaming, ensuring fans don’t miss a moment of the action. Access is free for viewers in Ireland.

MyTF1 (France)

French fans can look forward to extensive coverage of Euro 2024 on MyTF1. TF1 will stream live matches, including all critical fixtures, from the group stage through to the final. MyTF1 will also feature pre- and post-match shows, highlights, and special football-related content, all accessible for free to viewers in France.

6play (France)

M6 will complement TF1’s coverage by streaming select Euro 2024 matches live on 6play. This service will provide additional options for French viewers, including live games, highlights, and expert commentary. 6play’s platform is free to use within France, offering a seamless streaming experience.

RAI Play (Italy)

Italian football fans will be well-served by RAI Play, which will broadcast Euro 2024 live. RAI’s extensive coverage will include live streaming of matches, detailed highlights, and in-depth analysis programs. RAI Play is accessible for free in Italy, ensuring fans can enjoy the tournament without any subscription fees.

RTBF Auvio (Belgium)

RTBF Auvio will offer comprehensive coverage of Euro 2024 to Belgian viewers. This service will stream live matches, provide highlight packages, and feature expert analysis and commentary. RTBF Auvio’s platform is free to use within Belgium, making it easy for fans to stay connected to the tournament.

ARD Mediathek (Germany)

ARD Mediathek will be a key destination for German viewers during Euro 2024. ARD will provide live streaming of matches, along with extensive coverage including pre- and post-match analysis, expert opinions, and special features on the teams and players. This service is free for viewers in Germany, ensuring wide accessibility.

ZDF Mediathek (Germany)

ZDF Mediathek will also broadcast Euro 2024 live, offering another robust option for German fans. ZDF’s coverage will include live match streams, highlights, and comprehensive analysis. ZDF Mediathek is available for free in Germany, providing an excellent viewing experience for football enthusiasts.

Each of these broadcasters ensures that Euro 2024 is widely accessible, allowing fans from different countries to enjoy the tournament through high-quality, free streaming services. While geographical restrictions may apply, these services offer a variety of ways for local audiences to engage with one of football’s most prestigious events. For international viewers, using a VPN might be necessary to access these streams from outside their respective countries.

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