EURO 2024: All you need to know

Euro 2024 is the tournament that everyone is looking for nowadays. As a soccer lover, I’ll tell you about the tournament’s latest insights. Whether you are a fan or a seasonal soccer lover, you will get every possible piece of information relevant to this upcoming event.
Germany will stage the UEFA Euro tournament in June 2024. It’s the 17th edition of the European Championship, which will be held in Germany. Top European national teams will compete for this prestigious title. Previously, Germany hosted the World Cup in 2006. All you need to know about Euro 2024 will be discussed in this article. 

When is EURO 2024?

The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament starts on June 14, lasts for 30 days, and ends on July 14. Matches will be played in ten beautiful cities in Germany in the coming summer, and the weather is perfect for the tournament to happen in June. The dates and timing of the matches are also confirmed.
The format of the tournament remains the same as the previous one. The top two teams of each group will qualify for the knockout stages (round of 16), along with the four best third-place finishers. 

Where and when will the final of UEFA EURO 2024 be played?

The final of the UEFA Euro 2024 will be played on July 14 at Allianz Arena in Munich. The stadium has a capacity of approximately 75,000 spectators to watch the match.

What are the EURO 2024 host cities?

The ten most beautiful stadiums in Germany have been chosen to host the matches of Euro 2024. Nine of them were already in use at the 2006 World Cup to host the matches.

Here’s the list of stadiums that will be used during Euro 2024, along with their seating capacity and standing spectators.

BerlinOlympiastadion Berlin75000
CologneCologne Stadium50000
DortmundBVB Stadion Dortmund82000
DusseldorfDüsseldorf Arena55000
FrankfurtFrankfurt Arena58000
GelsenkirchenArena AufSchalke63000
HamburgVolksparkstadion Hamburg57000
LeipzigLeipzig Stadium45000
MunichMunich Football Arena75000
StuttgartStuttgart Arena55000

EURO 2024 key dates

14 June 2024: The UEFA EURO 2024 opening game will take place at the Munich Football Arena, marking the commencement of the highly anticipated tournament.

14 July 2024: The UEFA EURO 2024 final will be held at the Allianz Arena in Munich, where the champions of Europe will be crowned in an atmosphere of excitement and celebration.

Will there be Fan Zones in Germany?

There will be a fan zone in every host city for Euro 2024 that will welcome supporters and feature big screens to watch the games. A fan zone is an area where the supporters of a specific team gather to support their team. It will bring communities together to enjoy the excitement of the games.

What will be the best way to get around Germany?

Traveling by train and utilizing public transport offers convenient mobility across Germany’s various cities during the tournament. It can be easy and challenging at the same time for the fans to travel during the tournament. You need to plan and book your reservations in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Is there an official match ball?

Meet FUSSBALLLIEBE, the official Euro 2024 match ball unveiled in the historic Olympiastadion. With Adidas Connected Ball Technology, it’s like the ball has a soul, connecting players and fans in a whole new way. Get ready to feel the love for football like never before.

Who is the EURO 2024 mascot?

Albärt, the official tournament mascot, was chosen through a vote held among users of and schoolchildren across Europe as part of the UEFA Football in Schools program. With 32% of the vote, Albärt, a teddy bear, emerged victorious. The bear mascot made its debut among German fans in Gelsenkirchen in June 2023, just before the national team’s friendly match against Colombia.

Who are the city ambassadors for EURO 2024?

Here’s the organized list of individuals associated with each city

BerlinKevin-Prince Boateng
CologneHarald Schumacher
DortmundRoman Weidenfeller, Annike Krahn
DüsseldorfMartina Voss-Tecklenburg, Sandra Mikolaschek, Selin Oruz
FrankfurtAlex Meier, Deborah Levi
GelsenkirchenGerald Asamoah
HamburgPatrick Esume
LeipzigProfessor Dr Jörg Junhold, Anja Mittag, Jürgen Zielinski
MunichDr Felix Brych
StuttgartCacau, Niko Kappel, Eli Seitz

Is there a volunteer program?

More than 146,000 football fans sent in their applications to join the EURO 2024 volunteer team. Eventually, they chose 16,000 volunteers from 124 different countries. The volunteer squad is all set to assist the host cities while interacting with the fans.

At EURO 2024, volunteers get to be the heartbeat of the tournament. From helping fans find their seats to making sure players have everything they need, every role is about creating magic moments for everyone involved. It’s a chance to be right in the heart of the action and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Is there an official EURO 2024 song?

The official music artists for EURO 2024 have been announced! Meduza from Italy, the legendary pop-rock group OneRepublic from the US, and the talented German singer-songwriter Leony will team up to create the tournament’s official song. Get ready to groove to their masterpiece when it drops in May.

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